about_introI remember walking the streets of Haight Ashbury in the 60’s, hitchhiking with my parents and concerts in Golden Gate park.

In the 70’s we lived in Connecticut on a beautiful lake where my brothers and I used to swim in the summer and skate on in the winter. We had many great experiences riding motorcycles and stealing our parents cars ;-]

I had an interesting childhood and found myself on my own @ 14. I moved back to the San Francisco Bay area when i was 15, incarcerated in juvenile hall for a “serious offense”, then escaped and caught 3 states away in Cheyenne Wyoming! They put me back in juvey until i was let out on my 18th birthday.

Finished my senior year in high school, put myself through college then set off to Milan, Tokyo, NYC, London, Paris & Miami as a Versace model in the 90’s where i ended up getting involved in the “fast lane” of drugs & alcohol.

I moved to Los Angeles, sobered up and healed by immersing myself in comedy, Vipassana meditationCHN_pic and other healing arts.

Economically motivated to look and feel my best in front of the camera ( even during my “rockstar” faze ) i voraciously studied health, internal purification, cleansing & detoxification and Herbal Medicine.

After sobering up and dealing with my mental, emotional and spiritual “inner self” i now have the ability to share my experiences, knowledge and discoveries with others.

I continue to study with Indigenous cultures and master teachers around the world and share my knowledge with others via the internet and live at speaking events…soon for TV.

My mission & vision is to co-create what is truly relevant for mankind: CLEAN, AIR, WATER, SOIL AND PEACE ON EARTH!

To complete the mission two things are required: #1 complete systems change ( energy, agriculture, commerce, media, government ) from competition to creativity and #2 consciousness rises to support the new systems.

As awakening tools I utilize the sacred plants & primordial, perennial wisdom of the Amazon Rain Forest to activate higher states of consciousness, restore nature & bring the divine feminine into balance!

Peace & Blessings to All.

“If you’re not creating a legacy for the benefit of your grandchildren’s grandchildren then you are wasting other peoples oxygen!”
Papa Joe, The great Maori Healer