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Leading longevity authority Troy Casey, the Certified Health Nut, has successfully restored physical, mental and emotional balance to clients who have failed with all other systems. His unique holistic approach uses simple, nature-based philosophies that are accessible and intuitive. His vision for clean, air, water, soil and equitable systems for all mankind in his lifetime drives his passionate work for personal and planetary wellness. Troy offers a vast range of services, including Free Video Training, Keynote Speeches, Group and Private Coaching, Seminars, and Retreats.

Troy renews all areas of your life

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Physical

"We all want health, it avoids trouble, helps us live longer, enhances leisure, saves money and overcome obstacles... I will take you from zero to hero in the shortest amount of time." - Troy Casey

A Move in the Right Direction

Let me take you by the hand and gently guide you to a better life. I will show you my proven process and as a result you will potentially extend your life, get rid of aches and pains. You will look younger and get your verve back. My process will reset your metabolism, balance your hormones and lower your stress levels.

With over 26 years of study and practice I will guide you through a step-by-step process into the promised land of health and glory, Your birthright.

Health is our birthright, but where have we gone wrong?

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution we have dumped billions of tons of toxic compounds into the environment every year and it is now showing up in our health.

  • 70% of Americans are either OBESE or severely OVERWEIGHT
  • One in two Americans will get CANCER
  • Americans are 60th in LIFE expectancy 
  • Americans are 41st in INFANT mortality rate
  • One in seventeen people will be diagnosed for AUTISM

We export American business practices all over the world soundless we change our understanding of health at the root level, expected these statistics to come to your home soon.

I'll Save You the 26 year learning curve

  1. I'm the example of my process that took me over 26 years to learn, refine and to perfect. I consistently apply the techniques in my life on a daily bases. My clients report and show proof the my system has helped them increase vitality, reduce inflammation, boost nutrition and most importantly my clients just like you with families like yours are able to save time and money with my comprehensive easy to use systemic approach to health and wellness.  

Lasting Results

What is more important than being strong, being vital, having energy, Renewing vigor and energy, getting rid of aches and pains, having security in old age and being more beautiful? Nothing. My training makes health and vitality habitual, and in turn lasting.

Step-by-Step Process

With over 26 years of study and practice I will guide you through a step-by-step process into the promised land of health and glory, Your birthright.

All Natural

Being healthy expresses our autonomy, it protects the future of the family by protecting the soil because our purchase of nutritious, Chemical free food is also good for the air, water and earth. My approach to fitness is as intended by nature, all natural.

Proven Program

I can help you bring back pleasant memories, enhance leisure, satisfy the ego, and be loved by learning how to love yourself first. If you're interested in winning acclaim, Seeking adventure, Gaining confidence escaping drudgery and relieving boredom then this program is for you.

Real Life Results

"End of Cleanse 4. Smashed it. Only 2.9 kg to go for goal weight. Lost 17kg so far. Far more energy from cleanse. Changed my workout regime to vary cardio and light weights. Feel the healthiest, most focused and more energized than ever!"

- Mark

The Dalai Lama Once Said:

"Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived."

What CLIENTS are Saying!!!

I just want to let you know that my connection with you has taken my life to new heights. The things you have shown me and worked with me on over the past year or so have changed my life.... About 5-6 yrs ago, I was 44 at the time, I had 6 weeks to prepare for a very important medical physical. ***I had to be in the Worst shape of my life*** -over weight 205-210 lbs. -Cholesterol around 400 Horrible eating habits: fast food every day. -No energy -Acid reflux -Joint pain -couldn't sleep -Miserable So, I started researching. ***I had this deadline and had to pass this physical. I was concerned. I researched personal trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, diets, gyms... ***This Troy Casey kept coming up on YouTube. Then I found his channel: "certified health nut" on YouTube. Troy teaches how to: -loose weight -juicing -green smoothies -detoxing your entire system. -detoxing your colon -purify your lymphatic system -inflammation ***Troy teaches you how to use plants as medicine*** ***So I pulled trigger, I told myself he's the expert, he knows so I'm going for it. -I started drinking green drinks -started walking then running -made cleaning my system, detoxing priority #1! Troy says 'do what you enjoy just add a little to it. Do what you enjoyed as a kid' -running wasn't exercise -riding my bike wasn't exercise. ***What resinated w me; Troy is: -No bs -he breaks everything down, makes it very easy, simple, enjoyable. ***Troy has a video for everything -he stresses small changes that are comfortable and fun. Immediate results: -Acid reflux gone -energy thru the roof -slept great, started dreaming again. -weight just fell off ***when I took the physical -200 plus to 155lbs -cholesterol 400 to 117. Every symptom either disappeared or greatly decreased. I literally Felt like a kid again. Six years later I Lost and kept off the way by adopting Troy's holistic system and I feel great! 

- Andrew Lee Critendon, Real Estate Mogul

Troy is Awesome! Ripped at 50, LOVE it! Total admiration for you. Great to see that you are one of the rare individuals who represents health and demonstrates personal congruence with your process and results!     

- Don Johnson, ProtectMeDon.com

Troy, love to you and your family. You do nothing but constantly inspire people with your enthusiasm and vitality and amazing belief system. Behind all the clouds, the sun always reappears!!! See you in the UK soon 

Catrin Emma Woods


Many people ask me, what is a seemingly a simple question to them, yet because of the complexity of their situation, Their unique lifestyle, stress factors, their stress response and biochemical individuation, there isn't a one size fits all answer.Also people often ask: what do You have for "this" or "that" like a medical doctor treating symptomology allopathically.

I work holistically, with nature, natural remedies and natural health, which, in itself is a way of life, A holistic lifestyle. therefore I work with you to align your life with your values, Dreams and desires. I take you step-by-step to achieve that naturally and harmoniously with the options you have available.Ultimately it is very important for people to stay balanced mentally, too often I see people get involved with ( TMI ) too much information then fall prey to analysis paralysis and or neurotic behavior on what is "best".

Neurosis is a mental disorder that is not good for your overall health. My overall working philosophy is: nature heals everything. So harmonizing with that as much as one can while living in the concrete jungle and doing The best one can in the moment is what's optimal. ie: if the body is thirsty it is best to drink tap water, rather than dehydrate the brain. Or If the body is hungry it is best to eat something that is available rather than send your blood sugar and stress hormones through the roof and breakdown the body.

What is your background?

What is the best exercise?

What is the best water to use?

What is the best diet?

What type of cleanse do you recommend?

How do you heal the gut? 

What is the best way to get rid of parasite or fungal infection?

What is AYAHUASCA and is it right for me?

Where is the best place to do Ayahuasca?

Do you have any tips on fasting?

How do you balance out the hormones? 

Do you recommend supplementation? 

Can disease be addressed naturally? 

I have chronic fatigue or an auto immune issue, can this be solved holistically?

Rave Reviews from Clients

My life would not be the same without you in it brother and I thank you for stepping up and taking responsibility for what you create in this world. I am proud and thankful to say I know you.

- Trey davis

Troy Casey many do not see you for who or what you really are. You are healing us all whether or not we admit it. By leading a life of dedication to a wholesome life you will continue to affect people around the globe.

- David Joseph Peters

So much Love and Respect. We will all go through these times, and I pray I stay willing, teachable, humble, and continue to ask for help. We can be here to remind each other of our truly Divine Nature when sometimes being a Human just hurts. I Love You and think your work is truly saving lives. Infinite Gratitude, Bruddah!

- Jennifer Train

  1. The Only Logical Solution 

Let's face it, people are full of judgment and often times we are our biggest critic, So if you want to add fun to life, Avoid criticism, avoid physical pain, escape shame and relax it's time start living the holistic lifestyle… There is no other solution in our fast pace, Stressed out, Nutrient deficient, Polluted world. You either pay now or pay later, pay the farmer or pay the doctor it's your choice. Take the next step to a brighter future. I will show you show -- click the button below to get started!!